Sconewich™: $5.99
Local cage-free egg, fresh spinach, roasted tomato + sour cream Sriracha on a bacon-cheddar-chive scone

Breakfast Burrito: $6.99
Cage-free scrambled eggs, potato hash, salsa, Cabot cheddar cheese + sour cream, wrapped in a flour tortilla and seared on the grill

Cage-Free Egg Sandwich: $6.99
Two cage-free eggs + Cabot cheddar cheese on b+b’s house-made English Muffin Bread

Add-On Items for any Breakfast Sandwich: $3.99
Add Rotisserie Chicken Breast or Heiwa Tofu           +$4
Add Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, or Avocado              +$2
Add Spinach, Tomato, or Cabot Cheddar Cheese   +$1


Savory + Sweet

Morning Pastry Platter: $29.99 (Serves 12)
An assortment of mini muffins, banana bread, mini scones + pastries

Quiche: $29.99 (Serves 6-8)
Flaky crust baked with eggs, cream, + Cabot cheddar cheese

– Bacon, asparagus + chive
– Sausage, potato + scallion
– Roasted tomato, spinach + thyme



Granola Bowl with Yogurt: $29.99 (Serves 6)
b+b’s Nutty Maple-Oat Granola, fresh fruit + Greek yogurt

Fruit Bowl: $29.99 (Serves 6)
Fresh pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe + honeydew melon, garnished with mint



Joe To Go: $19.99 (Serves 10)
Organic Coffee By Design coffee served with choice of lightener, stirrers + cups

Natalie’s Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice: $1.99 (per person)

Choose From Our Selection Of…

canned seltzer, bottled water + local Maine Root sodas!


Sandwich Platter

Selected sandwiches on a platter ($8.99 per person)

Bánh Mì Chicken
Rotisserie chicken breast, pickled carrots, daikon + jalapeños with fresh cucumbers, mint + cilantro on a toasted hoagie roll with Sriracha mayo

Bánh Mì Tofu
Marinated Heiwa tofu, pickled carrots, daikon, jalapeños, fresh cucumbers, mint + cilantro on a toasted hoagie roll
with Sriracha mayo

Rotisserie Chicken Breast
Non-GMO free-range rotisserie chicken breast, mayo, lettuce + tomato

Chicken Salad
Non-GMO free-range rotisserie chicken, mayo, apples, celery + lettuce

Chicken Bacon Ranch
Rotisserie chicken breast, local bacon, Cabot cheddar cheese + tomato
on a toasted hoagie

Bacon + beef meatloaf, roasted tomato mayo, spinach, cheddar + balsamic dressed basil on a toasted hoagie

BBQ Pulled Pork
Local pork braised in our house-made espresso BBQ sauce served on a toasted hoagie roll

Chicken Pesto
Pesto chicken, spinach, pickled onion + roasted tomato mayo on Parmesan crusted white or wheat

Avocado Wrap
Avocado + quinoa tabouleh with cucumber, local carrots, cilantro, mint + roasted tomato mayo

Hummus + Veggie Wrap
Hummus, cucumber, spinach, local carrots, local ricotta, pickled onion + roasted tomato

Tuna Salad Wrap
Albacore tuna salad with a hint of lemon, tomato + greens on a white wrap

Egg Salad Wrap
Herbed mayo, local cage-free eggs + greens on a wrap



Deep River Potato Chips: $1.49/ 2 oz. bag



A meal for 1 OR serves 3-4 people as a side

Garden Salad: $7.99
Fresh greens, cucumbers, local carrots, tomatoes + choice of dressing

Spinach Salad: $8.99
Fresh spinach, candied pecans, hard boiled egg, local marinated ricotta, tomatoes + choice of dressing on the side

Quinoa Tabouleh Salad: $8.99
Fresh mint + parsley w tomatoes, quinoa, cucumber, carrot + lemon dressing over greens

Vegetable Medley Salad: $8.99
Local carrots, roasted beets, green beans + pickled onion over greens + choice of dressing

Ask about our rotating selection of deli case salads available by the pound



b+b Cookies + Bars: $2.49 each, $14.94 1/2 dozen, $29.88 dozen
Brownies, lemon bars + cookies: mini oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip pecan, GF vegan peanut butter, chocolate white chocolate chunk

Mini Kupcakes: $1.99 each, $11.94 1/2 dozen, $23.94 dozen
Choice of double vanilla, double chocolate, cookie dough, b+b whipped cream ganache, GF chocolate sea salt caramel, OR ask for a full listing of flavor options. Rotating gluten-free, vegan + seasonal specialty flavors available.

Whoopie Pies: $3.99 each, $23.94 1/2 dozen, $47.88 dozen
GF chocolate whoopie pie filled with house-made buttercream frosting. Rotating gluten-free, vegan + seasonal specialty flavors available.